Andrew Bridgen MP woos sweltering supper club

Last night we enjoyed the latest of our Supper Club fundraising events in the sweltering July heat, and listened to fascinating insights from our guest speaker Andrew Bridgen MP and our newly-promoted cabinet minister Grant Shapps MP. 

In what has been a hot week both in terms of weather and politics, it was great to see so many enthusiastic and dedicated supporters in one room. 

Despite the heat, there was a real bounce in the room thanks to our new leadership and the success of our fantastic local MP. Many members commented on how it feels like the Party has turned over a new leaf, and is ready to leave the difficult times we've had in recent months behind for good. 

There were also lots of new faces; it's great to see that Boris' premiership is already allowing us to reach new people and new audiences.

We are hugely grateful to Andrew Bridgen MP for giving up his evening to make the trip down from North West Leicestershire to speak to us.

We hope to see more of you at an event soon - if you'd like to find out about more of our events then get in touch with our constituency office on 01707 262 632.