Incinerator Update


The fight against the Incinerator has been stopped in its tracks, for now, but we need a strong voice at the public enquiry in September.   I was the very first local politician to doorstep campaign on this issue in 2007, and I have been publicly speaking out against the incinerator being built at New Barnfield ever since. I’m working hard with the community on this and I will continue to do so with the mandate of the residents I’m proud to represent.  I am appealing to the people of Hatfield South to help enable me to ‘finish the job’ at the Public Enquiry.  I challenge my opponents by asking them; will they, like me, give up their jobs and work 100% for the people of Hatfield seven days a week as I do? This is my pledge. 


The incinerator has been stopped pending the Public Inquiry in September, as I clearly state in my leaflet.   I will continue to fight against beyond the Party Politics demonstrated by political opponents, by continuing to work with them as I have already done so. It’s beyond politics, it’s about Hatfield.


Grant Shapps MP says about Stuart’s hard-work, ‘ Stuart has been active in his role in the New Barnfield Action Fund providing invaluable insights into which way things are moving at County level and generally being supportive of everything the group has done by providing a bridge and information.


‘In addition, it's worth pointing out that he was the very first person to raise the alarm over New Barnfield, so he can fairly claim to be pretty central to the anti-Incinerator movement. Given that he's a full time councillor, he doesn't do another job; he has naturally spent a lot of time working against the incinerator, and has been instrumental in achieving the call-in decision. This is because he's been on the case at County Hall virtually every day.  I think the fight against this incinerator might well be damaged without him there.  A vote for anyone else, such as putting-in a ‘part-time’ councillor, might just put at risk our fight.’