Welwyn Hatfield Condolences

Dear Sir Mark and Miss Thatcher

We are writing from Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Association.  We wanted to express our sadness at the passing of Baroness Thatcher and to pay tribute to the extraordinary courage, strength and vision with which she led this country during her exceptional career as Prime Minister.   She was a truly outstanding individual who inspired so many people including many members of our Association; we remember her with great respect and admiration. 

We will always remember Baroness Thatcher's true greatness: she transformed Britain, she was a champion of freedom both in this country and overseas and she was unwavering in her determination to act according to her principles.  She came forward when this country was in need of her leadership and the legacy of her achievements remains with us today.

Our thoughts are very much with you both, particularly in the days ahead.  May your mother rest in peace.

Yours sincerely

Jane Lowe and Paul Saffer


Welwyn Hatfield Conservative Association