Drew Richardson - Borough Councillor for Hatfield Villages

I am a Conservative Borough Councillor for Hatfield Villages ward. This area includes the Ellenbrook estate, Lemsford, parts of the Stanborough area, Salisbury Village, and Hatfield Garden Village. 

I was born and raised in Welwyn Hatfield, and I’m very proud of our Borough. I went to school at Stanborough, and since then I have been studying at the University of Hertfordshire part time. 

I have worked for the technology company Apple since 2015. 

I started getting involved in politics in 2015 during the General Election. I then started to look into the deeper meanings of becoming a Conservative Councillor. 
Since then, I have talked with and met hundreds of residents through my years campaigning for better services and helping residents. I have a huge passion for getting things done and straight-talking politics. I also want to bring a younger and more positive approach to the issues we face in Welwyn Hatfield. 

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Fiona Thomson - Borough Councillor for Handside

I have been a Conservative Councillor  for Handside Ward since 2008, representing residents on issues as diverse as housing, planning, parking, education, health, refuse, trees, neighbour disputes, noise nuisance and ASB.

Roger Trigg - Borough Councillor for Welwyn East

Roger Trigg is married to Carole and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  They have lived in Oaklands Welwyn for 45 years.

Before retiring in 2000, Roger worked as a Director in a medium sized construction and housing company for 25 years.

Harry Bower - Borough Councillor for Sherrards

My family and I have lived in Templewood, Welwyn Garden City in the Sherrards ward for nearly 29 years. I was born in Manchester but have resided in a number of places, including growing up in New Zealand. living in Scotland and going to university in Leeds   In 1981 we. myself.