Harry Bower - Borough Councillor for Sherrards

My family and I have lived in Templewood, Welwyn Garden City in the Sherrards ward for nearly 29 years. I was born in Manchester but have resided in a number of places, including growing up in New Zealand. living in Scotland and going to university in Leeds   In 1981 we. myself. my wife Shiela and our 2 girls pulled up sticks and went to the USA where I worked as a Research Manager for Sun Chemical, a large international company in the colour industry. We returned to England in 1989 where I continued with the same firm. I retired in 2009 at the age of 65. Since then I have pursued my many pursuits one of which, of course, is local politics.

I was elected to the WELHAT BOROUGH COUNCIL in May 2016 in what was one of the proudest moments of my life. In my first 2 years i have served on a number of committtees all  of them relating the betterment of our community both financially and environmentally. These committees represent the life blood of local government where most of the nitty gritty work is carried and are the centre points of our on-going efforts to maintain, and ideed improve our community. In a previous election campaign i claimed, somewhat lightheartedly,  that the prime local issues could be classified under th 4P's - Parking, Potholes, Paper litter and Poo (dog dirt). And to a large extent it still is - I am sure we all want to live in a lovely well kept area.

But another prime concern/function  of a Local Councillor is the personal well being of all our residents and i offer to all , independent of political persuasion, my personal help wherever it is needed.

And finally I can honestly say, that from someone coming from " UP NORTH" I consider it to be a privelige to be " DOWN SOUTH" in Hertfordshire. I am passionate about our community. WGC is a great town and I want, not only keep it that way, but make it even better


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Fiona Thomson - Borough Councillor for Handside

I have been a Conservative Councillor  for Handside Ward since 2008, representing residents on issues as diverse as housing, planning, parking, education, health, refuse, trees, neighbour disputes, noise nuisance and ASB.

Roger Trigg - Borough Councillor for Welwyn East

Roger Trigg is married to Carole and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  They have lived in Oaklands Welwyn for 45 years.

Before retiring in 2000, Roger worked as a Director in a medium sized construction and housing company for 25 years.

Julie Cragg - Borough Councillor for Welwyn East

My name is Julie Cragg, and I am a Borough Councillor for Welwyn East ward. This ward includes Woolmer Green, Digswell, and parts of the Oaklands and Haldens areas. I have lived with my husband Tony in the Borough for over 43 years. We first lived in Digswell, later moving to Haldens.