Sherrards: Pat MABBOTT

I am a North Londoner by birth, educated in Edmonton and Tottenham.  After leaving college I became a secretary and worked at various local companies. I married Terry, a soldier in the Royal Engineers, and lived a rather chequered lifestyle.  Our daughter was born in Germany and our son in Cyprus.  After Terry had served his Army time we looked forward to leading a more steady life and returned to our roots in North London.

We settled the children in schools, Terry worked as a Manager at Ford Motor Company and I was employed as a PA with Belling Cooker Manufacturer.  My sister lived in Welwyn Garden City and we visited often.  We were immediately attracted to the lovely surroundings and community atmosphere and decided to relocate. I obtained a post as PA working for Hertfordshire County Council in what was then called the Social Services Department. Terry was elected to Welwyn Hatfield Council but after some years he had to stand down due to ill health and, as I had become very interested in local politics, I stood for election and was very proud to be elected.

My background as an Amy wife and career in Social Services stand me in good stead when serving on different committees.  I was honoured to be inaugurated as 2016/17 Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield.  During my year as Mayor I attended over 400 engagements and met many dedicated and passionate people who make the Borough the special place it is.  Having learned so much more of the many services available to Welwyn Hatfield residents I have become even more determined to do my utmost to fulfil the duties of Councillor by listening to concerns, resolving problems where possible and to be available to all our residents, whatever political persuasion.

Welwyn Hatfield is a thriving, lively Borough with great amenities and beautiful green spaces where I am proud to live, serve the community and strive to bring about improvements environmentally and financially.