Stephen Boulton - Borough Councillor for Brookmans Park & Little Heath

Stephen has been the County Councillor for Hatfield Rural since 2017. This area includes Brookmans Park, Little Heath, North Mymms, Northaw, Cuffley, and Essendon. 

He sits on the Development Control Committee, the Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and Economy Cabinet Panel, and the Pensions Committee. 

Stephen has represented the ward of Brookmans Park and Little Heath since 1999. This ward was increased three years ago to include Essendon, so much of the ward is made up of villages surrounded by the Green Belt. He is also a Hertfordshire County Councillor for the Hatfield Rural division and a parish councillor for North Mymms Parish Council.

He has been a Conservative as long as he can remember and strongly supports Conservative values of freedom, consideration when spending tax-payers money, and value for money, balancing support for all people throughout their lives from childhood to old age. He believes in acting on the phrase from years ago 'Capitalism with a social conscience'. 

Stephen has lived in Brookmans Park for nearly 40 years and is married with four, fairly grown up, children.

He has worked in property consultancy for 45 years, latterly at BNP Paribas Real Estate in the City of London, and has found that his professional work has greatly helped his understanding of  development pressures in the borough and in his position as chairman of the Development Management Committee this has enabled him to steer a careful course between the need for development, preserving local amenity and the need to retain as much of the Green Belt as possible.

He is conscious of the need to maintain the council tax as low as possible but at the same time maintain services with the money available. He is strongly interested in all environmental matters and is dedicated to improving the living and amenity aspects of life for all people in the borough. 

In his new position as executive member for environment and planning delivery he intends to bring his experience to improving services as well as ensuring that planning within the borough is carried out in a timely manner to the benefit of present and future residents.

Monthly surgeries are held at the United Reformed Church in Brookmans Park when help is offered to anyone  who has a particular problem or matter in which he may be able to help.

If he ever has any free time he likes to garden, sail, travel, eat and drink. 

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