Welwyn East: Steven Markiewicz


I have worked in the field of occupational pension schemes since 1975. I worked for one of the largest actuarial companies in the world until December 2004 and set up my own Trustee services practice in April 2005. My business career involved the fields of finance, investment and the interpretation of new legislative requirements. I am currently a member of the Trustee board of a number of occupational pension schemes. I have two daughters and three grandchildren.


I became a Borough Councillor in May 2004. As a ward Councillor I have established links with the local police team and various community groups. I have a small number of constituents who keep an eye out for pot holes, anti-social behaviour, &tc so that I am aware of issues arising on my patch. I endeavour to use my business expertise to help the Borough in its’ constant struggle to manage dwindling resources and increasing demand.


During my tenure I have helped a number of constituents with, housing, planning, child care and parking issues. I was also able to provide funding over two years for the first food bank in Welwyn Hatfield and I am proud to say that this has proved to be a catalyst for another food bank set up in the town centre and a further food bank to be established in Hatfield.


My political philosophy is based on the premise that sound financing enables sustainable public services. I believe that only the Conservative party can provide for a low tax society that protects the most venerable.