Panshanger: Sara Glick

I have represented Panshanger Ward on the Borough Council since 2006 and Haldens & Panshanger Division since 2009.

Anthony Musk: Candidate for Hollybush

My name is Anthony Musk, and I am the Conservative candidate for Hollybush ward. 

I have lived in Welwyn Garden City with my wife for several years, and recently we had our first child. 

Paul Smith: Welwyn West

I have lived in Welwyn village for almost 10 years now, and was enormously proud to be elected as a borough Councillor for my ward in November 2018.

Sherrards: Harry BOWER

My family and I have lived in Templewood, Welwyn Garden City in the Sherrards ward for nearly 29 years. I was born in Manchester but have resided in a number of places, including growing up in New Zealand. living in Scotland and going to university in Leeds   In 1981 we. myself.

Grant Shapps

Born in Hertfordshire in 1968, Grant was educated at Watford Grammar and Cassio College Watford, before studying Business & Finance at Manchester in the late 1980s. In 1990, Grant founded his own printing company at the age of just 21.Before becoming an MP, Grant started a small printing shop, which grew into a commercial design, print & web development company with clients throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Grant successfully established a team of fellow Directors who now run the business today without his input.