Paul Smith - Borough Councillor for Welwyn West

I have lived in Welwyn village for almost 10 years now, and was very proud to be elected as a Borough Councillor for my ward in November 2018.

My love of the character, strong community and easy access to open countryside in Welwyn, drives me to support and assist my neighbourhood in any way I can, be it within my role as a Councillor or simply as one of its residents trying to do their best. Furthermore, the opportunity to have a really positive impact Welwyn Hatfield more widely through my work as a Councillor and influencing Council decisions, makes me feel very honoured, but always extremely responsible to treat this privilege with the time, energy and dedication it deserves. 

As a chartered accountant, I have served in a number of senior finance roles, and hope to draw on this experience to add another level of scrutiny to the financial decisions made by the Council. We are all well aware of the tough budgets local authorities have to manage, and ensuring a combination of good value for money and careful prioritisation of where those funds are allocated is crucial in delivering the best possible for all residents. 

When I am not at work or at the Council, I can normally be found pottering around in my garden, which is a big passion of mine and my place to unwind. 


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Fiona Thomson - Borough Councillor for Handside

I have been a Conservative Councillor  for Handside Ward since 2008, representing residents on issues as diverse as housing, planning, parking, education, health, refuse, trees, neighbour disputes, noise nuisance and ASB.

Roger Trigg - Borough Councillor for Welwyn East

Roger Trigg is married to Carole and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  They have lived in Oaklands Welwyn for 45 years.

Before retiring in 2000, Roger worked as a Director in a medium sized construction and housing company for 25 years.

Harry Bower - Borough Councillor for Sherrards

My family and I have lived in Templewood, Welwyn Garden City in the Sherrards ward for nearly 29 years. I was born in Manchester but have resided in a number of places, including growing up in New Zealand. living in Scotland and going to university in Leeds   In 1981 we. myself.